Society6 shop now open!

Right now I’m trying to get through a great list of ‘to-do’s’ and I’m very excited to say I finally got round to setting up my Sociecty6 shop. Something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. You can find it here. I will be adding more products over the coming months.



Sadly I missed out all but one brief for Bootcamp. I am fully intending to go back and complete the rest of the briefs. In the mean time here is the work I did for the 1st brief which was to design a phone cover based on the theme cuckoo clocks. cuckoo clocks

Global talent search

Hi I have finally got my kitchen back together and I’m able to get back in touch with the world again! I took part in the Global Talent search this year with about 1000 other fabulously talented designers. Sadly I didn’t make it through to the semi finals 😦 but there was some very tough competition so I’m not going to take it to heart! The brief was to design some wall art based on ‘Terrariums’ confused… well I was! I’d never heard of them but I must say I’ve become a secret terrarium fan since. You could interpret the brief in any way you desired so I decided to go for the children’s market and very quickly came up with the idea of doing an Alice in Wonderland theme.  Here is the piece I submitted. I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out. There’s always next year eh!LITTLE-WONDERLAND

Quick Betsy Update

Bootcamp is still happening, we’ve actually had a months break so about to start May’s assignment, can’t wait for that! I’ve been a little (ok a lot) illusive recently due to a HUGE water leak in our kitchen which is taking way much longer to resolve than we initially believed. So my computer has been lugged upstairs away from wifi and I’m all out of contact with my cyber connections. As soon as I’m back up and running I’ll be posting my work again and introducing you to a few of my fabulously talented friends.

All ready for Bootcamp!


So as I said I’ve signed up to MATS BOOTCAMP. This is great for people like me who for some reason just LOVE working to deadlines. I feel when I’m under a bit of pressure that’s when I create my best work.

It’s been designed by Lilla and Beth to give designers structured monthly inspirational assignments with a community of supportive artists from all over the world.

We’re just starting week 2 of the 1st month and this months assignment mixes cuckoo clocks with cell phone covers. I’ve been having so much fun & I’ll post a roundup on here very soon.